What Is Cyber Security

What Is Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one term that people misunderstand a lot, and in this article i would be giving you a clear picture of what cyber security is all about so that you won’t go about thinking cyber security is just “hacking”. Like seriously???.


So now the first thing you would need to know is What exactly is Cyber Security. I would be explaining this to you in simple terms so that you would have a very good understanding of what cyber security is.


Cyber Security is the practice and application of technology to defend servers, electronic systems, mobile systems, networks and data from malicious attacks, information disclosure or misdirection of service they provide


Fields In Cyber Security

▸ Source code auditor

  ▸ Security engineer

  ▸ Security consultant

  ▸ Penetration tester

  ▸ Forensic expert

  ▸ Security director

  ▸ Security auditor

  ▸ Security analyst

  ▸ Chief information security officer

  ▸ Security architect

  ▸ Security manager

  ▸ Cryptographer

  ▸ Vulnerability assessor

  ▸ Security administrator

  ▸ Incident responder

  ▸ Security specialist


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Now you know what Cyber Security is all about and the fields in it, why not give it a shot now with the right mindset. Use this link to get a little head start on how to begin your Cyber Security Journey.


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