How To Be An Efficient Programmer

  • Posted on Aug 18, 2021

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How To Be An Efficient Programmer

We all know nothing good comes easy and becoming an efficient programmer is no different. A lot of work have to be done in order to be an efficient programmer. I get questions a lot on how one can be more efficient or be a better programmer, while there are no one size fits all to answer this question on how one can be an efficient programmer, I would be giving you some tips on how you can be a better programmer.


Tips To Becoming An Efficient Programmer


Have a conducive working environment - As a programmer, your environment have to match your work ethics this means that you should have a set up and work space that makes programming more favorable to you. You should have a good table, chair, monitor, all following ergonomic standards, this would really make you work efficiently.


Have a good working time table - Having a good working time table will not only make you an efficient programmer but would also make you discipline and make you finish tasks faster, this would help you structure your work flow and also help you know what to work on at what particular time.


Work on more projects - Let’s face it, practice makes perfect, the more we do the more we get good. End that tutorial hell today and pick a project today and start working on it. You may not figure out all you need for your project but at least you have an idea of what you want to build and as you begin the project, ideas begin building up. If you want to be an efficient programmer, building more and more projects is a must.


Learn and read more - Readers are Leader, for you to be efficient in programming, you have to read more code and not just reading them you have to learn from them and know what is really going on behind the hood, this would help you write better codes and stand out as a programmer. You can go to site like github and read up some other developers code and learn from them too.


Share Knowledge - The best way to get things to stick to your memory is by sharing what you already know, this would help you get a bigger scope of what you already know and make you get them at the tips of your finger, find people around that wants to learn from you and share your knowledge, answer coding questions and fix bugs, this would help you to be more efficient in what you do.


Write good codes - One good quality of a good and efficient programmer, is the ability to write good codes, this involves him or her not repeating codes by using functions and classes, declaring good and clear variable names, and making relevant comments. This would help in making your codes readable and making you work better with a team.


Find time to sleep - I know programmers like to boast of how many hours they went without sleeping coding, but in reality, it’s very unhealthy at the long run and it also reduce productivity and reduce overall work flow, so to be an efficient programmer you have to have time to have enough sleep let’s say 8hrs to 10hrs of sleep, I know this might be a lot but you have to schedule time for this and also find out what works best for you.


Workout - I know this might not be obvious but to be an efficient programmer, you need to really work out, let’s say 3 times weekly, this would really help you and keep you going not to mention that it would increase productivity and overall work flow. So find time to work out.


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