More RAM or Faster Processor?

  • Posted on Aug 17, 2021

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More RAM or Faster Processor?

The big question has always been, do I need more RAM or a Faster Processor. Before we go into this, we need to understand what RAM and Processors are and there functions in the computer system.


What’s A RAM


RAM (Random Access Memory) is a hardware in computing devices that is used to store on the go or current information that is being used by the processor to keep the computer running. RAM is the main memory of the computer system and information written into it are much faster to read from. Note that RAM are volatile memory that means data is only retained in it as long as the computer is on.


What’s A Processor


A processor mostly called a CPU (Central Processing Unit) is an electronic circuitry that executes and retrieves data in a computer system. The processor takes care of processes around the computer system that involves basic arithmetic, logic controlling, and I/O operations as required by a computer program. The processor works hand in hand with computer memories for efficient use of the computer system.


Now you know what a RAM and a Processor (CPU) is, the big question remains; More RAM or Faster Processor.


More RAM or Faster Processor; Which do I need?


RAM and Processors both compliment themselves, they work hand in hand to make sure your computer works efficiently. A faster processor makes your computer retrieves information faster from the RAM and also completes other subroutines in the computer system faster. More RAM on the other hand helps store on the go information that the computer processor retrieves in order to run the computer system. In reality, think of a RAM as people clearing a large field and processors as a tools which would enable them clear the field faster. So which do you need, more people or a faster tool to clear the field?. Now this is how RAM and Processors works hand in hand.


In conclusion, if you have a fair amount of RAM let’s say 4GB to 8GB, a faster processor would always be a good choice to go after, but if you have more programs running at the background, you would need more RAM let’s say 16GB to 32GB, but this is usually for power users who are into video editing and the likes of that. So a faster processor and a fair amount of RAM is good to go for your day to day use.


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