How To Build Self Esteem

  • Posted on Aug 13, 2021

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How To Build Self Esteem

Self esteem is something that most of us lack and it’s affecting other areas of our lives. Believe it or not, having a good self esteem is a one way ticket to a happy life. Now before going any further, let’s understand what self esteem means.


Self esteem is simply how we value and perceive ourselves. it’s a person’s overall subjective sense of personal worth or value


Most times in life, when things don’t go the way we plan, it gets to us and causes us to have a low or poor self esteem which really affect our lives negatively. There are numerous factors that causes one to have a low or poor self esteem, some of which include; self doubt, worries about body appearance and image, lack of funds, relationship problems, stress, being bullied, etc.


Knowing how to build your self esteem is very important as it has many advantage, and I would be listing out 5 tips on how you can build your self esteem.


Tips To Build Your Self Esteem


Stop Comparing Yourself - There is a big difference between admiring someone and comparing yourself with another. The problem with comparing yourself with another is you make he/she a standard for your own life and when you don’t meet such standard, self doubt creeps in and you start feeling bad about yourself. Don’t forget, we were all born with our own uniqueness and we don’t have to die a copy by trying to be someone we are not.


Take Care Of Yourself - Whether we like it or not, the way we treat ourselves has a big impact on our self esteem. We must try as much as possible to look good and smell nice. When we do all these, we would be more confident in ourselves and being.


Avoid Negative Thoughts - Often times, negativity seems to get the better part of us and this leads to us feeling down or bad about ourselves. We must try to replace these negative thoughts with positive ones. One way to easily do this is to stand in front of a mirror and say out loud positive things about yourself. This would improve your mental health and overall self esteem.


Do What Makes You Happy - We only have one life, we should try as much as possible to do what makes us happy, so long as it is not bad or hurting anyone in the process. Doing what makes us happy boost our self esteem and makes us appreciate ourselves even better.


Be Yourself - Being ourselves is something majority of us don’t don these days. Social media and the likes have made us change into something we are not, it has made us try to be a perfect being when we are not meant to be one. We should try as much as possible to be ourselves and remember that everyone makes mistakes and nobody is perfect.


Why We Need To Build Our Self Esteem


▸ Life become easier than we could ever imagine.


▸ We believe in ourself and ability more.


▸ No one can take you for a ride.


▸ You would be more attractive in relationships;


▸ You would be happy in life.


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