How To Live A Balanced Life

  • Posted on Sep 09, 2021

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How To Live A Balanced Life

Being someone who have lots to do everyday and juggling through tons of responsibilities, it gets arduous, and this leads to unhappiness and overall stress in our lives. Having to keep a balanced between work, family and relationship doesn’t have to be strenuous and keeping a balance in your life can be so rewarding, both to you and to the people in your life. Before we go further on how to have a balanced life, let’s understand what a balance life means.


A balanced life is one in which all aspects of your life is being put into consideration therefore having equal time for your relationships, family, work and also yourself.


Components Of A Balanced Life


Mental Health - This is one important component of a balanced life, we have to have a healthy mind so as to be able to feed other areas of our lives positively. We’re what we think so we need to cultivate a healthy mind, we can achieve this by meditating and thinking positively.


Physical Health - To have a balanced life, we need to be alive and to be alive as we ought to, we need to be healthy. So a key factor to having a balanced life is being healthy, eat right, exercise and also groom ourselves properly. This would enable us fit to serve ourselves and others properly.


Emotional Intelligence - We need to cultivate emotional intelligence in order to have a balanced life. Having emotional intelligence would enable us be in check with our emotions and know how to react to different situations that life throws at us. This would also enable us know what to prioritize, how to spend our time and know what isn’t worth the stress in our lives.


Spiritual - Who knew having a balanced life has so much to do with our spiritual life. Well it has so much to do with it. We need to always show gratitude to our maker and also try as much as possible to send all our problems and stress to HIM.


Financial Intelligence - Well this is something that most of us lack. Having financial intelligence really helps keep our lives balanced. Not having financial intelligence leads to us having poor finance and poor finances leads to an unbalanced life full of stress and unhappiness.


Now we know the components of a balanced life, you can actually see which component you lacking and cultivating them would enable you live a balanced life.


Tips to Having A Balanced Life

▸ Learn to take breaks


▸ Have a healthy lifestyle


▸ Stop being a pessimist


▸ Live below your means


▸ Don’t multitask


▸ Work when you ought to


▸ Have ‘Me’ time


▸ Value relationships


▸ Attend family functions


▸ Leave work at the office and not over home


▸ Spend time with love ones.



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